Poem Of The Month - October, 2021

A Walk on the Moon can never be the same! by Anum Khalid - Pakistan

A walk on the moon can never be the same

As a walk on the moon lit earth, where you are not for a moment alone

Even on the darkest of the dark nights

Even when aloneness with its sharp teeth bites

Even when no one is there to hold your hands tight

Even when everything seems not at all right

Moon with all its affection gazes...

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Poem Of The Month - September, 2021

Joy will Come one Day! by Hafsa tariq - Pakistan


O youthful! O sorrowful days!


Why are you so cruel and callous?

I'm a soft-hearted soul with a pure heart

I live in the abhorring world of my kin


How can your joyous life turn into enmity?

I am the voice of that wingless bird,

Whose tears nobody can see

Whose laughing voices are wandering...

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Poem Of The Month - August, 2021

Compost Species by Muhammad Khurram - Pakistan

There is no ‘the’ in the fantasies of nature

Putting an ‘ies’ in fantasies doesn’t cut it either

For Nature in its multifariousness dwarfs human imagination

For human is part of nature, so

Nature’s fantasies are compost

Refused, recycled

Inorganic matter suffused with organic, dying and living

Harmonious living without aging is an anti-Nature fantasy

As is an accelerated, break-neck evolutionary speed

For islands drown, continents crash into another

But, only after millennials...

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Poem Of The Month - July, 2021

A Broken Meeting ! by Aaisha Umt Ur Rashid - Pakistan

When waited I

To see your face

When stopped the time

My heartbeat’s pace

When I became a worthless bum

You did not come…

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Poem Of The Month - June, 2021

Dreams: A Chorus by Muhammad Khurram - Pakistan

In dreams begin poems,

As both are tenants of the crevice that

make-love in the muffling

in doorways coming and going

in the hours between dawns

Celebrating with full heart what is here,

here on this bridge between

starshine and clay,

surviving in a transparent, ghostly, vividly coloured and easily forgotten


but, remembered because the body remembers and the mind dreams of


and, of woven air, running water, evening dew

because life is so much more than the misery in our marrow

and the deferral, the death of things,

of beings

of us - multi-tongued, we live in a canopy of cacophony

hot, flashing visions. Dreams we dare not dream

are the bars to ourselves...

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Poem Of The Month - May, 2021

Nostalgic Euphoria by Dirha Qazi - Pakistan

Today it smelled

just like the Air of Naran, as if the mist,

 it carried, sublimated right from the valley of Kaghan.

and the soft touch of its twirling wind transported

my spirits in past,

as if Elysian fairies had cast an incantation,

with the purpose to outlast,

my finite existence...

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Poem Of The Month - April, 2021

Faith by Dirha Qazi - Pakistan

What is faith to me, how do I put it?

Where do I begin? The meaning or it’s value to me.

How it’s so invisible, but how there’s not a place or

A spot, or a sensory experience,

Where my eyes do not see, where my senses do not meet

Where my heart doesn’t greet, where the mind doesn’t breed

It’s Essence...

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Poem Of The Month - March, 2021

The Physicists are Lying by Muhammad Khurram - Pakistan

The physicists tell us, 'we don't see color'

and no, they aren't talking about discrimination

but, light...

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Poem Of The Month - February, 2021

The Shrill Shrieks of Silence by Mahnoor Tahir - Pakistan

To most out there

Silence may be an absence of noise
A void they crave to fill
With love, life, and laughter.
To me, silence means something else...

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Poem Of The Month - January, 2021

The Pitfall Called Love ! by Mahnoor Tahir - Pakistan

I do not know who


This terrible thing called love.

It sneaks in like a dream

A haze of soft clouds,

An endless meadow,

The sweetest symphony.

It burrows deep within...

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