Poem Of The Month - July, 2022

The First Drop of Rain! by Anum Kabir - Pakistan

Skies gave the sign

Watching over her woes

Surrounding her aura

Hearing out her whisper

Summing up her agony

And sensing her dying courage...

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Poem Of The Month - June, 2022

Lahore Canal Bank Road by Sufia Humayun - Pakistan

Sprouting leaves, rustle and stir with the wind,

The swishing wind of May.

That comes like gale at night

Leaving without a trace for the day.

Golden streaks flicker, as the wind betrays,

On the water moving statically  

The trees bending on the water in obedience for ages...

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Poem Of The Month - May, 2022

Light and Shadow by Nimra Rani Abdul Latif - Pakistan

My promise to you

I will stay with you

In the light, in the shadow

In sadness and deep happiness


I will follow your footsteps

I will always be aside

In the light, In the shadow

I will definitely follow...

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Poem Of The Month - April, 2022

My Encounter with God by Dieter Bruhn - United States

This story I tell you

Is truth, no façade,

In a faraway land,

My encounter with God.


I was rafting a river

With rapids so strong,

When I fell in the water

And then things went wrong...

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Poem Of The Month - March, 2022

The colours of spring by Nazish Batool - Pakistan

The melody of tiny drops of rain

With its sweet, sagacious sound

Makes the flowers wake up in full bloom.

All embellished with colorful ornaments

On their fascinating faces and figures

Dancing and banging their heads along,

Twining and twinkling, they welcome us in spring...

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Poem Of The Month - February, 2022

The Two-Headed Dragon by Dieter Bruhn - United States

I once climbed a mountain

In a faraway land,

Clad in my armor

With a sword in my hand,


In search of a dragon

Whose legend spread far.

“I know I will find you,

Wherever you are.”


Those words I did speak,

As the distance grew long.

Not ready to tire

As my body felt strong...


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Poem Of The Month - January, 2022

Prayer by Muhammad Khurram - Pakistan

May your day be light 

by the beauty of your soul 

and dim when needed, 

adjusting to meet the day. 

The demands. The demands. Always the demands. 

Calling you forth. 



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Poem Of The Month - October, 2021

A Walk on the Moon can never be the same! by Anum Khalid - Pakistan

A walk on the moon can never be the same

As a walk on the moon lit earth, where you are not for a moment alone

Even on the darkest of the dark nights

Even when aloneness with its sharp teeth bites

Even when no one is there to hold your hands tight

Even when everything seems not at all right

Moon with all its affection gazes...

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Poem Of The Month - September, 2021

Joy will Come one Day! by Hafsa tariq - Pakistan


O youthful! O sorrowful days!


Why are you so cruel and callous?

I'm a soft-hearted soul with a pure heart

I live in the abhorring world of my kin


How can your joyous life turn into enmity?

I am the voice of that wingless bird,

Whose tears nobody can see

Whose laughing voices are wandering...

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Poem Of The Month - August, 2021

Compost Species by Muhammad Khurram - Pakistan

There is no ‘the’ in the fantasies of nature

Putting an ‘ies’ in fantasies doesn’t cut it either

For Nature in its multifariousness dwarfs human imagination

For human is part of nature, so

Nature’s fantasies are compost

Refused, recycled

Inorganic matter suffused with organic, dying and living

Harmonious living without aging is an anti-Nature fantasy

As is an accelerated, break-neck evolutionary speed

For islands drown, continents crash into another

But, only after millennials...

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