Selected Poem - October, 2021

Eternal Voyage by Bushra Yasin - Pakistan

Come with me,

I’ll take you to a different world,

A world that lies within me,

A world that I created,

And a world that I rule.

You’ll meet those who live inside me,

Few rebels,

Few forgotten souls,

A dreamer that flies without wings,

And a leader that leads, through imagination...

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Selected Poem - September, 2021

The Moon Game by Hajra Khan - Pakistan

It's okay to feel it all.

It's okay to feel half,

Or nothing, nothing at all.

Shhh... Can you hear her silent plea?

How she gains when she falls,

How she knows her own path.

You'll never know if she cries, mourns or rejoices,

For she hides herself in daylight. 

Away from the people, away from pain,

I have told you once and I'll tell you again...


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Selected Poem - August, 2021

An Early Awakening ! by Hafsa tariq - Pakistan

How I am is how I will be

I am tired of pretending

How good I am

Do they consider me?

Or don't they?

I don't know...

I am a phantom of love

Who promises to make moments

Not memories...

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Selected Poem - August, 2021

A Hazy Dream by Hajra Khan - Pakistan

When I look at you

I fall into your mirage

as a thirsty crow in a desert for water

The heat haze turns me blind every day

burning my desire to see you each day

Making my heart thump as fast as it can

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Selected Poem - August, 2021

Evenings by Sidra Shafi - Pakistan


The evenings are always cool


Be it winter or June!


Clanking of pots with mooing of cows

It goes side by side me and thou!


Dancing moonlight reflects in lake

With foaming shore as marble stage

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Selected Poem - August, 2021

The Fantasies of Nature by Syeda Farwa Batool - Pakistan

They say identities are formed from the day you are born,

But as I sat on the ground, palms down,

I touched the soil with my bare hands,

And felt a warmth embracing me

Visualizing what was before me, I wondered

What and who held control over the ground?

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Selected Poem - August, 2021

Man and Nature: An unremitting apparatus by Dirha Qazi - Pakistan

It is this reciprocality

of synthesis and elimination

between asylee and defender  

where each owes its very existence,

to the other

and keeps holding up this System.

Take example of a food chain;

Nature produces what Man consumes

or Man utilizes what Nature produces

both being

the ends of this chain...

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Selected Poem - August, 2021

Detached by Aqeedat Naseer - Pakistan

Catching the sight of long rows of honking cars

This sound of clunking, hissing and rattling

Mixing with the thunder of dark, ragged and crimson clouds

Spot this girl’s long fingers in the crowd

Mimicking the movement of anti-clockwise rotation...

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Selected Poem - August, 2021

Orange Autumn: Season of Divinity by Dirha Qazi - Pakistan

I adore Autumn while the world awaits spring;

I adore the compulsion that every single thing

Has to attain the garb,

And contrast

With one color of the Autumn,

The Orange mark!

Where even leaves are finally

Forced to abandon

Their customary patterns

And shades of green…

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Selected Poem - July, 2021

A Broken Promise ! by Anum Khalid - Pakistan

While collecting the shattered pieces,

Of your broken promise and my broken heart.

I injured myself, but I didn’t bleed.

My eyes were stinging, but I couldn’t even shed a tear.

With body, shaking and mind engulfed in a blinding haze,

I started collecting the remains of us...

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