Selected Poem - June, 2023

Fireflies by Aniqa Gulzar - Pakistan

Oh you pretty lampyridae, envious am I

Twinkling splendidly in the darkness, your resplendence, can't deny


Those tiny lights, a beacon of hope for happiness deprived

A motive for some pessimist to continue to strive


Those nights seeming endless will certainly end

Your grieving heart, if you try, will manifestly mend...

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Selected Poem - June, 2023

Shades of Deceit! by Aniqa Gulzar - Pakistan

It's a domain of masks and charades,
Truth disguised by different shades,
Authentic or fabricated, who will tell
In a world where masks are put on so well

Beautiful faces, poisonous vibes
Do they conceal wounds or deceitful lies?
Those creepy smiles that seem so forced
Do they imply pain or something worse?

That cloak of courage you wear all the time
Must be hiding a heinous crime
Or maybe a shattered heart that continues to weep
Hinting there's misery and pain running deep...

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Selected Poem - June, 2023

Love's Resilience: A Dance with Schizophrenia! by Narjis Raza - Pakistan

In shadows deep, where anguish dwells,

A haunting ailment casts its spell.

Schizophrenia, a cruel disease,

That grips the mind and does not cease.


Within my father's weary heart,

It tears his world and pulls apart.

Each moment tinged with silent strife,

A battle waged within his life.


The line between what's right and wrong,

Becomes a blur, a twisted song.

Reality's tapestry, torn and frayed,

In this labyrinth, he's lost and swayed...

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Selected Poem - June, 2023

Relationships! by Narjis Raza - Pakistan

Relationships are like the summer sun,

Warm and bright, but not always fun,

For sometimes a gust of cool breeze,

Can take away the warmth with ease.


They can provide complete support,

But at times leave you without a fort,

Lighting up the darkest of nights,

But blurring the days with their might...

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Selected Poem - May, 2023

Love, Simplified ! by Narjis Raza - Pakistan

Real love is not a one-way street,

It is a path where the two hearts meet,

Where idols and idolaters unite,

In a bond that shines so bright.


Love is like a precious plant,

It needs nurturing to enchant,

Without water, it withers away,

Drying up, fading, day by day...

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Selected Poem - May, 2023

Just a Favour! by rabana akhtar - Pakistan

I do not demand

Your presence for days

Nor for hours

Just a sight

Bless my eyes

With your smile

Fill me,

With ecstasy and remove-

The pain...

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Selected Poem - May, 2023

Solitude! by Ayna Nadeem - Pakistan

The loneliness of my broken heart

When tears drip down falling apart

The Silence where my inner Self is revealed

Of wounds which can never be healed

I open myself merely to my Lord

And tell Him only

what my soul has borne



And desolated...

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Selected Poem - May, 2023

A Blank Page! by Narjis Raza - Pakistan

A blank page, a newborn's start,

A world of possibility in its heart.

Pure and clean, devoid of strife,

Awaiting the colors that give it life.


Each stroke a chance to create,

A canvas of beauty, an open slate.

A work of art, a masterpiece,

Born from colors that never cease...

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Selected Poem - May, 2023

Sugarcoated! by Labeeqa Baneen - Pakistan

Sweet, seductive, sugar,

How you tease and tempt,

Your crystalline structure,

So pure and so refined,


You dance upon my tongue,

A symphony of flavors,

Your sweetness so intense,

It’s hard to resist your allure.


From candy to the cakes,

From donuts to the pies,

You bring a smile to my face,

And joy to my eyes...


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Selected Poem - May, 2023

In Search of Lord! by Amina Ali - Pakistan

I travelled miles

Nothing found, as yet –


Seas sing your symphonies

Envelope the earth in mysteries

At a breath’s distance, yet soo far

Rightly guiding like a night star

Colours flamboyant you paint

Hell and paradise, you create...

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