Selected Poem - May, 2023

Sugarcoated! by Labeeqa Baneen - Pakistan

Sweet, seductive, sugar,

How you tease and tempt,

Your crystalline structure,

So pure and so refined,


You dance upon my tongue,

A symphony of flavors,

Your sweetness so intense,

It’s hard to resist your allure.


From candy to the cakes,

From donuts to the pies,

You bring a smile to my face,

And joy to my eyes...


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Selected Poem - May, 2023

In Search of Lord! by Amina Ali - Pakistan

I travelled miles

Nothing found, as yet –


Seas sing your symphonies

Envelope the earth in mysteries

At a breath’s distance, yet soo far

Rightly guiding like a night star

Colours flamboyant you paint

Hell and paradise, you create...

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Selected Poem - May, 2023

Nature! by Labeeqa Baneen - Pakistan

The rustling leaves in the gentle breeze,

Whisper secrets of nature with ease.


The sunshines down on the stream,

Reflecting the beauty of nature’s dream.


The flowers bloom with color bright,

Filling the air with sweet delight...


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Selected Poem - May, 2023

Blessed Nights of Solitude! by Asfa Iman - Pakistan

In nights, all alone

Tears stream down my face, for sins I've known

When I chose this Duniya1 over Akhirah2

But now I seek forgiveness from Almighty Allah


Harsh words I've spoken, people I've hurt

Leave my soul feeling heavy, burdened with dirt

For in these nights of Ramadan4, I feel the weight

Of all my mistakes, and the harm, I've created


But deep down I have faith that I can mend

With God's mercy, and love that will never end

For the good deeds and kindness, I've done

Can outweigh the wrongs, and bring back the lost sun...

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Selected Poem - May, 2023

Abandoned! by Asfa Iman - Pakistan

In the corner sat a tiny cat

Abandoned and alone, no mother at

My heart ached, at her pitiful sight

And I took her in, with delight


I gave her all the love I had

To make up for her mother's bad

But as she grew, I realized so

Her eyes, mirrored a similar glow...

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Selected Poem - April, 2023

The Fatal Hour by Rukha Khalid - Pakistan

Muse to eyes in witnessing things

Nature girdling me like two wings


Serene tranquility in River that flows

 Can turn to calamity upon overflow


The Universe can crush in pulse

With Celestial Audacity from up-above!


For same that chalked out patterns


O' The World full of Captains!...

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Selected Poem - April, 2023

She! by Rafia Asghar Ali - Pakistan

A wrinkled dusky visage

With slender eyes losing its sight

Manifest her fight with the vicious world


A hump on her fragile back

Embodies the burden of hardships

And trials she fought years back...

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Selected Poem - April, 2023

Racism by Ayna Nadeem - Pakistan

Tracing back

To the roots of our religion

In the era

When peace came

Under the banner of our beloved Prophet (PBUH)

Whose kindness was for all mankind



An embodiment of Justice!

The poor and the rich

Standing side by side

There was hope,

And a purpose...

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Selected Poem - January, 2023

Preternatural Times by Sufia Humayun - Pakistan

I still miss the times when

Qaria was just Qaria

Not seamstress- stitching clothes of her students

Not beautician- plucking eyebrows of her students' mothers'

Not moper/dish washer- moping/washing. . .


The times when students did mop and dish-wash

To pay for her services- Teaching recitation

With Qirat

Without Qirat...


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Selected Poem - December, 2022

Socrates on Mars Receiving Terrestrials by Sobia Kiran - Canada

O men!

I have been waiting for you

You took so long to reach here

I have been looking over you

With my fellow philosophers

Whom you quote so fervently

With least understanding

You profess our teachings

That you follow so reluctantly

You use our words to inspire others

Without following our advice in the world matters

What brought you here?...

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