Selected Poem - August, 2021

The Fantasies of Nature by Syeda Farwa Batool - Pakistan

They say identities are formed from the day you are born,

But as I sat on the ground, palms down,

I touched the soil with my bare hands,

And felt a warmth embracing me

Visualizing what was before me, I wondered

What and who held control over the ground?

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Selected Poem - August, 2021

Man and Nature: An unremitting apparatus by Dirha Qazi - Pakistan

It is this reciprocality

of synthesis and elimination

between asylee and defender  

where each owes its very existence,

to the other

and keeps holding up this System.

Take example of a food chain;

Nature produces what Man consumes

or Man utilizes what Nature produces

both being

the ends of this chain...

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Selected Poem - August, 2021

Detached by Aqeedat Naseer - Pakistan

Catching the sight of long rows of honking cars

This sound of clunking, hissing and rattling

Mixing with the thunder of dark, ragged and crimson clouds

Spot this girl’s long fingers in the crowd

Mimicking the movement of anti-clockwise rotation...

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Selected Poem - August, 2021

Orange Autumn: Season of Divinity by Dirha Qazi - Pakistan

I adore Autumn while the world awaits spring;

I adore the compulsion that every single thing

Has to attain the garb,

And contrast

With one color of the Autumn,

The Orange mark!

Where even leaves are finally

Forced to abandon

Their customary patterns

And shades of green…

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Selected Poem - July, 2021

A Broken Promise ! by Anum Khalid - Pakistan

While collecting the shattered pieces,

Of your broken promise and my broken heart.

I injured myself, but I didn’t bleed.

My eyes were stinging, but I couldn’t even shed a tear.

With body, shaking and mind engulfed in a blinding haze,

I started collecting the remains of us...

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Selected Poem - July, 2021

Love's a Promise ! by Syeda Faiza Babar - Pakistan

Unfulfilled dreams and tears unwept

Words that are said aren’t actually meant

Letting you down and making you fall

Love it is, that’s what they call

It leaves you with a shattered heart...

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Selected Poem - June, 2021

Nightmare by Maham Fatima - Pakistan

I saw it lurking in darkness

An indomitable phantom

A most arcane creature

Utterly disheveled yet oddly familiar

Visage marred with unbridled carnality

Compelling me to avert my eyes

As it approached me

My pulse leapt into my throat

And my heart skittered to a stop

It’s unrelenting and vile gaze

Arrested the breath from my lungs

Until I found myself grappling for air...

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Selected Poem - May, 2021

The Serenity I Long For! by Duaa Shahid - Pakistan

A group of foggy stratus clouds

Hides all the mountain tops

And the sprinkled snow over the surface

Looks like the drops fallen from the clouds

The cedar trees exist in random positions...

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Selected Poem - May, 2021

The Serenity I Long For! by Komal Naeem - Pakistan

The Serenity I long for,
Is to not think what happens tomorrow,
But be able to reside only in the present.
So that my heart’s silent,
and never desires anything more.
The Serenity I long for,
Is when all I hear around,
Is the Earth’s sound,
When it revolves on its axis...

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Selected Poem - April, 2021

Faith in Divinity by Komal Naeem - Pakistan

When you lose yourself,

in the darkest times.

You feel yourself entrapped,

and the walls are closing in on you.

You drag yourself every day,

from one hopeless situation to another.

You feel like letting yourself go,

in the abyss around.


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