Winner (Poem) - July, 2024

The Breath of Hope (1st Position-5th International Writing Competition) by Dieter Bruhn - United States

Open up your heart and lungs;

Breathe the breath of hope.

The pathway’s there before you;

Just climb upon the rope.


Pull harder than you ever have;

Escape the depths below.

Breathe deeper than you think you can,

As toward the light you go.


Too many things have pushed you down,

They’re heavy on your soul,

Making you feel broken,

And far from being whole...

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Winner (Poem) - July, 2024

Eclipse (2nd Position-5th International Writing Competition) by Ayesha Abid - Pakistan

As the moon scintillates in the stygian night,

She whispers some silent words,

Pearls stream down her forlorn eyes

Her sight imperceptibly blurred.


Her faultless mistakes snooze on the bed,

she curls down on the floor,

Her body shivers as the lightening thuds,

then silence knocks the door.


As the glorious sun glimmers in her room,

With the noises of the birds,

She wakes up to the blaze of dawn

Her thoughts perplexed and whirled...

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Winner (Poem) - July, 2024

Yellow Paint (3rd Position- 5th International Writing Competition) by rabeeya khawaja - Pakistan

The bleakness of November settles 

like dust on yellow paint. 

I wish to paint, but I do not find time. 

Over the days, the paintbrush will harden

like the pages of a book 

left alone, to the rain. 

Waiting out each minute

for something to ward off

the gray and angry storm,

or soften its rigid touch

to yellow paint... 

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