Selected Poem - March, 2021

A Drop of my Heart Escaped my Existence ! by Dirha Qazi - Pakistan

A drop of my Heart escaped my existence.

Burgeoning, expanding, embracing the ambience

Crawling upwards, Pushing against the bars;

Dancing and laughing upon the world’s Transience

Escaping, as if nothing ever held it in past...

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Selected Poem - March, 2021

Colors by Mirza Asfandyar Baig - Pakistan

Like a black null void

It slithers in ruins

Only painted

In the darkness

Revering it profoundly

Whilst I paint the canvas...

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Selected Poem - March, 2021

Confessions of a Deferred Muse by Rizwan Akhtar - Pakistan

--for Rebecca 

The silence this time is of different tone

wedged between a feather and a bird

an unwincing wind scatters its body


but you are simply intact and whole

though my interventions cluttered ...

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Selected Poem - February, 2021

The Shrill Shrieks of Silence by Ayeza Yousaf - Pakistan

The wind howled like a hound,

Windows clattered and then sound,

A sudden crack on the roof,

And a splatter of blood on the floor...

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Selected Poem - January, 2021

Transition by Mubashra Malik - Pakistan

When Cocooned in a mother’s arms

Upon a gentle brush of lips, I thought

It is soft, fierce and wonderful.

Tiny hand wrapped around a father’s finger

Upon the sight of twinkling eyes with smile, I thought

It is deep wrapped with pride.


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Selected Poem - January, 2021

Aches And Powers Of Love by Komal Naeem - Pakistan

Like a moon that waxes and wanes at times,

So does love when it goes through its phases sometimes.

Love isn’t just a pure and simple emotion,

Bringing only sunshine and eternal devotion.

Consider the pain and sufferings that linger at its core,

Turning the lover into someone,

beloved doesn’t recognize anymore.

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Selected Poem - January, 2021

The Pitfall Called Love ! by Ayeza Yousaf - Pakistan

Her brain was love-washed,

And she could not differentiate day from night,

Blinded by his lies, embraced all his deceits,

Was she a believer or an unyielding pretender?


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Selected Poem - January, 2021

Woe of Love by Zobia Arif Dar - Pakistan

Shrewd ideas of homogeneous solutions,
all particles dispersed in one clear picture
of harmony, love and acceptance
in a jigsaw of isle destined.
is this picture an open truth?

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